The Call

Wandering After Will-O'-The-Wisp

Wandering After Will-O’-The-Wisp (Photo credit: garlandcannon)

Hold on to your hats, folks. My friend and writing collaborator, Joanne Eddy, has finished her first novel, The Call. A few final edits remain, but this is a very polished work. A blend of Polish history and folklore, Tolkienesque fantasy, and just plain great story telling, this book is going to make itself heard and establish Joanne as a writing force to be reckoned with.


About William W. Walton

William Walton was raised on a ranch in the Texas Hill Country by feral pigs, his rougher edges honed at Yale. A dissolute youth, he tried to become a deeper, more sensitive person, but that was hopeless. Instead, he commited himself to exploring the full richness of his natural superficiality. Except for his work with troubled adolescents, with abandoned animals, voyaging under sail, and his writing, he has rarely deviated from that path. William writes because he has to, and he hopes that his stories leave a bigger, more positive footprint on this earth than he has. He resides in Corpus Christi, Texas, with his wife Sharon, a native of Buffalo, N.Y.
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1 Response to The Call

  1. joanneeddy says:

    Thank you, William. If The Call is at all polished it is due in no small part to all your elbow grease! We write very differently, yet both profit so much from our collaboration. I am very grateful for it and you.

    Good luck to your submission of Mike From the Mail Room in An Honest Lie Volume 3: Justifiable Hypocrisy….and to those who read this….keep watching this space for more details when William’s work is again selected. It is worth waiting for!

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