I still make my bed because she’d want me to.

On June 17th, I lost my wife, Sharon, to cancer. In the ten months before she died she lost half her body weight, but not an ounce of her faith or courage. Being her care giver was the most difficult task of my life, but also its greatest honor. I will write about her when I am able.


About William W. Walton

William Walton was raised on a ranch in the Texas Hill Country by feral pigs, his rougher edges honed at Yale. A dissolute youth, he tried to become a deeper, more sensitive person, but that was hopeless. Instead, he commited himself to exploring the full richness of his natural superficiality. Except for his work with troubled adolescents, with abandoned animals, voyaging under sail, and his writing, he has rarely deviated from that path. William writes because he has to, and he hopes that his stories leave a bigger, more positive footprint on this earth than he has. He resides in Corpus Christi, Texas, with his wife Sharon, a native of Buffalo, N.Y.
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6 Responses to I still make my bed because she’d want me to.

  1. joanneeddy says:

    William and Sharon shared 25 years together. Part of their vows summed up their commitment: “Through life, past death, into the very hands of God.” She will be waiting for you, William.

  2. Jesse Richeson says:

    By far the best and fondest memory of Sharon Elizabeth Walton was her standing on the dock with a captivating gleam in her eyes, accompanied with her benevolent smile as William returned home from one of his voyages. The pride and happiness written on her face for his safe return can not be described with words. With great anticipation she tolerantly waited for William’s unembellished account of his adventure as he carefully stowed the boat. This same picture comes to mine, when the time is right, Sharon will be standing at Heavens Gate with that same captivating gleam in her eyes, accompanied with that lovely signature smile of hers, awaiting his safe arrival.

    • Forgive the lateness of my thank you for your comment. You captured one of my best memories of Sharon. I can’t wait to dock my boat in heaven. I think she will even help me tie up the boat this time.

  3. Ann Harper says:

    The title alone is beautiful . . .

  4. The previous comments saddened me just as much as the original blog.

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